What Do We Teach



Classical Ballet is the foundation for all genres of dance.  It is a free flowing form of dance concentrating on technique, musicality, discipline and artistry.  We follow ATOD Classical Ballet at ATJ Dance Co Illawarra

Break Dance Crew

Hip Hop / Street

This is a commercial style of dance often seen in music videos.  This style involves alot of body isolations and combinations with a distinct edge and attitude.  Each class is appropriate to their age group

Dancing in the Street

Boys ONLY Hip Hop

No girls allowed!  Same as above but aimed at our male dancers.  A very masculine form of dance

Young Ballerinas

Little Boppers

This class offers a taste of three genres of dance being Jazz, Tap and Ballet for your pre-schooler, as well as some Kindy Gym.  We also incorporate the A.T.O.D. pre-school program - "Imagine A Place To Be"  We offer morning and afternoon options for this class.  A fun way to socialise for not only your little one but mum as well!


Ready Set Dance

One hour Ready Set Dance combo class of jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and a whole lot of fun! The program caters for two levels, 2-3 years and 4-5 years.



This style of dance is a rhythmical style of dance creating various rhythyms focusing on timing, light and shade, style and performance. We follow ATOD Tap at ATJ Dance Co Illawarra

Contemporary Dance Couple


This style of dance is an abstract style incorporating the fundamentals of Classical Ballet

Modern Ballet Dancers


A modern form of dance conducted to up to date music appropriate to each age group.  This style also incorporates the fundamentals of dance including isolations, flexibility, leaps, turns etc.

Women in Dance Performance


This style of dance is a soft, slow, expressive style of dance that incorporates not only Ballet but Jazz as well.  This style of dance is also known as 'modern' and is a very beautiful genre of dance to watch

Gymnast Mid-air


These classes focus on floor acrobatics and tumbling work. Students use equipment like floor mats etc to gain their technique before progressing their tricks onto the ground.  This class is suitable for all ages and abilities